Who we are

Who we are

matthias und niko

Nikolina Salvaggio

Born in 1971 in Mannheim. Daughter of Croatian guest workers. Sister of Anita and Adrian, Robert, and Adam. Wife of Matthias Fulczyk. Entrepreneur, free spirit, author, coach, and consultant. Horse enthusiast.

For more about Nikolina and her qualifications in coaching and more, you can find at the fitmedi Akademie – Nikolina Salvaggio

Matthias Fulczyk

Born in 1978 in Meiningen. Rally driver, Youtube “star”, husband of Nikolina Salvaggio. Philosopher, bookworm, coach, and trainer. More about Matthias as a trainer and coach.


Apollo (center)

Andalusian, Spanish macho, friendly but impolite. Sensitive and proud.

Rosa (Olorosa) (right)

Mare, Pura Raza Española (PRE), noble blood, elegant appearance, maternal type. Reserved and more quiet than loud. Surprises us now and then with special actions.

Sugar (Just like Fire) (left)

Mare, larger in heart than she appears (height at withers 148 cm) and because she always stands on something. German Riding Pony, Pocahontas and free spirit. Eager to learn, but always questioning.

To learn more about the activities of the horses – besides the fact that they always remain true to themselves – visit www.fitmedi-coaching.de.