Mega Wildlife in Istria


Wildlife in Istria

Mega Wildlife in Istria

Natural Wonders of Istria – An Ode to the Endangered Fauna and Flora

Welcome to our blog, where I also introduce you to the fascinating wildlife of our new home in Istria! Here on our property, there is an incredible diversity of living beings, and I am continually amazed at who has all found their home here. Birds, insects, mammals, and amphibians—they all populate this beautiful, wild piece of Earth. Numerous creatures: they fly, crawl, run, and jump. They sing and call, flutter and chatter.

I have decided to introduce them one by one, as there are simply too many to get to know all at once personally. Each animal has its own story, its own behavior, and its unique beauty that is worth discovering. What strikes me particularly is the fact that many of the animals living here are considered protected species and are threatened with extinction in various places. But here with us in Istria, especially in our little paradise on the edge of the small village of Boškari, the fauna and flora are still in order. We are fortunate to live in an environment where I can expand and explore my knowledge about these species.

It is an exciting journey where I not only get to know the wildlife but also learn more about the importance of nature conservation. Together with the animals, we share this beautiful place and are responsible for the protection of their habitats.

Join Matthias and me on this adventure as I introduce you to the animal inhabitants of our property one by one. You will be amazed at how many fascinating species there are. And the plant world is no less exciting here.

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