Emigration is Exhausting?!



Chaos in the mind, hopefully an end will come soon.

We’ve already done a lot of work, it feels like time is flying, and yet it feels like we’ve been in the process of moving for an eternity.

Well, last year and at the beginning of 2023, we also moved the Academy and have let go of many things. And it doesn’t stop. The challenges seem to have lined up in a queue, like at the supermarket in the evening when everyone stops by after work to quickly buy something, but only one checkout is open.

The challenges are similarly tuned. Mostly bad—simply because they can be. Figuratively speaking, we sit at the checkout and try to remain friendly despite everything that comes our way. We are not the villains here; we are here and want to do our work. It’s just sometimes very frustrating when others are so ungrateful.

This metaphor is not entirely inappropriate.

I don’t know what keeps the cashiers at the checkout motivated to not get too snippy. However, what definitely motivates us is the chance for a new life. Sunsets by the sea, good food, people with character and love for freedom, less instead of more, groundedness instead of loftiness, taking action instead of waiting, together instead of against each other… ah, I could go on forever.

What else I can say is that, despite the mountain of work still ahead of us, we are extremely excited about this new chapter in our lives. We are ready to embark on this adventure and face a multitude of challenges.

There is still a lot to pack and declutter before one or more journeys become emigration. Just a few more days. It has been, and continues to be, an emotional task. We have parted with many mementos. But it is also important to make room for new adventures and experiences.

Mental training is not for nothing the education we will offer here in October. A mental trainer is not a clown who is never at the end of their energy or is always in a good mood. A mental trainer is not someone who never faces anything bad and where everything is peace, joy, and pancakes. He is also not a person who has no worries or problems.

However, it is someone who knows that everything can be overcome. Resources that one has—from earlier times—help to get through challenging times. And “goals are the light at the end of the tunnel,” one might say.

We will not only share experiences in the training in October but also plan to offer several webinars starting from June this year.

The date for our final departure is getting closer… more from us soon, as it’s getting very uncomfortable between the boxes.

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