Less is more – Motto for 2023

Short and sweet

more is less(1)

The old year is almost over now, and the new one is just around the corner. What have you set your sights on?

“Less is more” is supposed to be a motto that accompanies us, Matthias and me, the fitmedi team, and our four-legged companions.

As the times have changed since 2020, many people have already told us that they have become aware that they should do less. They went into silence because they had time. Often, at the beginning, this stillness was forced because their daily routines changed. And sometimes it was good that way, the hamster wheel stopped, and we were tossed out unceremoniously.

Yet, many people used this time for a fresh start. Some noticed that time with family and loved ones is more valuable to them than their professional footing. It drained them of too much energy, gave strength to others, and left little for their personal needs. Gratefully, they said goodbye to old ideas and goals.

Less distractions and more depth. Reflection and arriving in the moment, in the much-preached here and now.

And so, despite or maybe because of the many changes that accompany us, we want to pause whenever possible. Enjoy nature, celebrate the simple life, and focus on the little things in life.

Less is more! From the fast lane of life, it draws us onto the country road.

What’s moving you right now? What is worth preserving in your life? What would you like to let go of? What do you want to bring more into your life? Which door do you want to close behind you, perhaps to open another one?

From the bottom of our hearts, the fitmedi team, Nikolina & Matthias, and the Cavallo four-legged companions wish you a 2023 that satisfies you, keeps you healthy, and brings (inner) richness into your life.